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    QUESTION: What are the next steps for North Allegheny schools to arrive at the same point as Southwestern High School in Shelbyville, Indiana which has been referred to by the media as “The Safest School in America”?

    ANSWER: North Allegheny already has many of these safety strategies available within all of its schools. Cameras linked to law enforcement officials and panic buttons are currently features implemented in NA’s safety plan across the District. Our SRP plan incorporates locking down classrooms to ensure that all students are hidden from an intruder.  The SRP plan also includes communications that allow teachers and staff members to signal to first-responders whether or not they need medical aid in the classroom during a critical incident. We will continue to work with our community partners to evaluate all options as we proceed with evaluating the security measures in our buildings.


    QUESTION: I’ve noticed recently through social media that there is a larger police and K9 presence across schools. I’m curious why parents weren’t notified via email prior to the police presence so we could talk to our kids about it. Are the officers in the classrooms, are they just outside, etc?

    ANSWER: Our law enforcement partners frequently visit our schools to establish positive community-police relations with our students. McCandless recently welcomed a new canine to its force named Joy, and Sgt. Madden often brings Joy in to meet the students and share information about him. Additionally, our law enforcement partners are often present at our schools during arrival and dismissal to ensure the safety of all students and monitor traffic. The District does not notify parents if police stop by proactively, but the District will notify parents either via email or School Messenger of an active emergency or threat. North Allegheny values its relationship with the local law enforcement agencies and will continue to encourage positive relationships between students and officers. From time to time officers are also brought in as guest speakers in classrooms and assemblies.



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