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Degrees and Certifications:

Officer Eric Sipes

During Officer Eric Sipes' 25-year career with the Pennsylvania State Police, he served at multiple stations and worked with the Camp Cadet Program, which is designed for young people to get exposure to all aspects and bureaus of the State Police. He is dedicated to fostering relationships with today's youth and aiding them in formulating positive opinions toward Law Enforcement.


What are you most looking forward to in your new role at North Allegheny?

I look forward to being a part of the "ground floor" of the North Allegheny School Police Program. I feel I have the experience to provide a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. I would like to gain the support and confidence of both the students, and the residents, of the North Allegheny School community. By working together and supporting each other, with open lines of communication, NA has the ability to excel as one of the premier School Police agencies in the Commonwealth. I look forward to the challenges ahead, and forming positive relationships with those I have not yet met. Together, we can provide a safe learning environment in an ever-changing world. 


Beyond safety, how do you envision your role in supporting the overall well-being of students?

Fostering relationships with today's youth is an essential element toward a student's well-being within a school environment. All students need to feel a sense of belonging and being connected to their "school family." No student should feel isolated or alone, as these years are the most critical in their formation into young adults. Success at the school age level will certainly aid them when they graduate into a world with unlimited challenges and competition. I would like to do my best to get to know the students at my assigned location, and extend a "hand of friendship and understanding" to those who might be navigating uncertain times. I will make myself available to all students, and will work directly with school staff and counselors to aid in the formation of future healthy adults, who hopefully will leave NA with a positive outlook on life and the future. 


What is your favorite thing about Pittsburgh?

It will be difficult to narrow it down to one thing, but I will do my best to blend my answer to encompass a few of my favorite things about Pittsburgh. I would have to say Pittsburgh seems to offer the unique aspect of having numerous culturally diverse neighborhoods, which gives visitors the ability to dine in restaurants serving culturally diverse foods, all while overlooking the scenic skyline of the City of Pittsburgh.


What are some of your interests or hobbies outside of law enforcement?

I enjoy local history and collecting local antique historical documents. I also enjoy the outdoors and can frequently be found walking on trails throughout the woods in various counties in Western Pennsylvania.