The "success" of a school district is often measured through test scores, graduation rates, rankings, and awards. However, at North Allegheny, we place equal emphasis on things like student engagement, career and college readiness, digital citizenship, and student and staff wellness. If these are things that we value, how might we begin to balance the conversation in a way that more holistically looks at "success" for North Allegheny?

    During the 2016-2017 school year, a team of District representatives researched this topic and collected feedback from a variety of stakeholders regarding how we might measure success beyond the typical metrics of test scores, graduation rates, and rankings. This community conversation led to the Framework you see below. The Framework serves as an important communication tool regarding what we measure and why. Data collected through each of these measures is analyzed annually through the Measuring Success Annual Report, and is traditionally presented to the School Board and the community each December.

    The mission of the North Allegheny School District is to prepare all students for success in a changing world. The goal of the Measuring Success Framework is to ensure that the District is meeting this mission through a culture of continuous improvement.

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