NASH students Ryan, Emma, & Mohit act as pilots, using trigonometry to determine a flight path.
Students in Honors Pre-calculus took on the role of air traffic controllers, determining the flight plan (bearing & flying distance) for the pilots located in the gymnasium. Once the pilots successfully navigated to their destination cities, they worked together as a team to solve problems involving trigonometry. The pilots here are (L to R) NASH students Ryan, Emma, & Mohit.
  • The NA Mathematics Department believes in an innovative & dynamic mathematics program that encourages students to explore, understand, & apply mathematical concepts both inside & outside of the classroom. At the high school level, NA offers math electives in personal finance, statistics, & computer science.


    A mathematics program of the highest standard is essential for all students. The philosophy of the North Allegheny School District has been developed with the goal of preparing all students to be successful in a changing world. The Department believes an innovative and dynamic mathematics program that encourages students to explore, understand, and apply mathematical concepts in an environment both inside and outside of the classroom is paramount to this endeavor. The Department strives to help students grow into mathematically-literate decision-makers who should be able to reason logically, raise questions and problem solve, work cooperatively, and exhibit a disposition to persevere.

    All students should be provided a curriculum which is coherent, well-articulated, and integrates real-world mathematical situations. The North Allegheny School District provides a sequential mathematics curriculum for all students, kindergarten through twelfth grade. Mathematics education in the District is based on standards at each grade level established by the PA Core Standards in Mathematics with research of the NCTM serving as a foundation for national expectations.

    Achievement of these various standards is fostered through a commitment to providing flexible, differentiated, and balanced instruction that is student-centered and teacher-facilitated. This approach incorporates STEM-related, inquiry-based, problem and project-based learning opportunities as well as a blended learning component to enhance collaboration and communication. The Department recognizes the relevance and importance of technological skills and utilizes appropriate resources and technology to enhance and support student learning. The goal to stay instructionally current and relevant is an on-going process.

    Formative and summative assessments are an integral part of the North Allegheny curriculum. The District employs a variety of formative and summative assessment instruments to monitor student progress and to help students become self-aware in the areas that they have mastered or areas that they need further progress in mathematics in the mathematics curriculum. Assessment is also used for the students to be self-aware of the areas that they have mastered or areas which they need to attain a better understanding. In addition to assessments in the mathematics curriculum, the District strives to give the students numerous opportunities to prepare and attain a comfort level with all forms of standardized testing.

    Every student has mathematical potential, but it often takes a impactful instructional experience to convert it to mathematical power. The defined course framework of the North Allegheny Mathematics Department develops highly organized, logical, and technologically literate thinkers prepared for postsecondary education and successful careers in any chosen field with a deeper appreciation of mathematics.

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