• Back to School 2023-2024

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! The beginning of a new year always brings exciting opportunities for growth and discovery. It also brings new opportunities to adapt together to meet our students' needs, no matter what challenges come our way. 

    This web page is filled with important information that will prepare you and your student for the new school year. The NASD staff is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to welcome students back to our learning environment. Please stay connected to our website and social media for up-to-date information leading up to and throughout the school year.

  • Arts, Activities, & Athletics
  • Careers
  • Code of Conduct
  • Communications
  • Food Services
  • Health Services
  • Publications
  • Registration
  • Safety & Security
  • Schedules/Homerooms
  • Technology Services
  • Transportation
  • Arts, Activities, & Athletics

    North Allegheny students benefit from exceptional opportunities to participate in our award-winning academic, activities, athletics, and art programs.

    Each school offers a variety of ways for students to become involved with clubs, music, and art activities. This information will be shared by your building administration.

    For more information about NASD athletics, visit http://athletics.northallegheny.org


    At North Allegheny, our mission is to educate and develop all students to become confident, lifelong learners and responsible citizens within a changing, global society. Be the difference in the lives of our students by joining our team! For more information on employment opportunities, visit www.northallegheny.org/careers.

    Code of Conduct

    Our Code of Conduct is to ensure a healthy and productive learning environment in our schools so that the maximum potential for learning can exist. The Code of Conduct is communicated to students by their principals and teachers. 


    Effective and consistent communication is a vital part of the District’s relationship with the public. The North Allegheny Communications Department keeps the NASD community informed through various channels. 

    District Newsletters

    Every Friday at 5:00 p.m. during the school year, the District emails parents/guardians a newsletter. This email includes a link to important information from your student’s school, as well as news from the District. An archive of these emails can be found on our website.

    For more information about the NASD Communications Department, visit www.northallegheny.org/communications.

    Food Services

    Since 1998, North Allegheny School District has partnered with Metz Culinary Management to provide our students with nutritious meals. In addition to the variety of healthy meals, Metz also conducts theme days and several promotions for the students each year.

    Lunch Menus

    To view lunch menus and information about Food Services, visit the Food Services section of the NA website.

    Meal Prices

    Meal prices for the 2023-2024 school year are as follows:

    • Elementary Paid Lunch $2.45
    • Premium Elementary Paid Lunch $3.45
    • Middle School/High School Paid Lunch $2.85
    • Premium Middle School/High School Paid Lunch $3.85
    • All Reduced priced lunches $0.40
    • All Paid Breakfast $1.25  
    • All Reduced priced breakfasts $0.30 

    A la carte items are available and can be purchased separately.

    PaySchools Central Account

    NASD cafeterias utilize PaySchools Central, a computerized debit system, in the cafeteria lunch lines. All first graders and students new to the District will need to create an account with PaySchools Central at payschoolscentral.com.

    Free and Reduced Lunches

    North Allegheny School District offers healthy meals every school day. Your student(s) may qualify for free or reduced-priced meals. Visit the Food Services section of the NA website to learn more.

    Health Services

    On the Health Services section of our website, you can find commonly used forms for medications, physicals, and dental exams.

    For building specific questions, our Health Services website includes key contact information for your student’s school.

    Too Sick for School?

    Please keep your students home when they are sick. Often times a sick student does not have the energy needed to complete the school day and this can put their classmates at risk of becoming ill. Please follow the District's 24-hour rule: Keep your student home 24 hours after their last fever without using any fever-reducing medications and 24 hours from the last episode of vomiting/diarrhea.


    2023-2024 Activities Calendar

    The 2023-2024 NASD Activities Calendar is in the mail! Check out the digital version of the calendar on our website.

    Annual Notices

    Numerous federal and state laws require school districts to provide students, parents, and/or the public with annual notices, many of which must be provided at the beginning of the school year. These annual notices can be found at www.northallegheny.org/Page/2989.


    New & Re-Enrolling Students

    If you are a new family to the North Allegheny School District or are re-enrolling a student, information about registration can be found on our website at www.northallegheny.org/Registration.

    Address Change

    If your family is moving within the District, please update your address by using the Change of Address form in the e-forms module in Tyler SIS.


    Student homeroom assignments (elementary) and schedules (secondary) will be available in PowerSchool. Email communication will be shared with parents/guardians when homeroom assignments and schedules are available. 


    • If you have any problems accessing or navigating PowerSchool (once schedules are released), please contact the Technology Services Service Desk at servicedesk@northallegheny.org.
    • If you have any questions about the schedule, please reach out to the main office of your student's home building.

    Safety & Security

    The North Allegheny Safety & Security team creates and maintains the safest environments possible for our students, staff, and visitors. 

    Visiting Our Schools

    Visitors arriving at NASD schools will be buzzed in only through the main office front entrance doors. All visitors should have picture identification. Depending on the reason for the visit, additional steps via the RAPTOR system may be required.

    Closed Campus Policy

    To ensure the safety and security of our students and staff, the District limits access to our campuses for individuals in the community during school hours (7:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, during the school year and on days when school is in session). Individuals are not permitted to use our school campuses and athletic facilities for casual pedestrian traffic, dog or animal walking, bike riding, and other activities. View a copy of the NASD Board of School Director’s Closed Campus Policy (722).


    A safe and welcoming school is the responsibility of all of us. If you see something that looks suspicious or if you have specific information regarding a criminal offense, we encourage you to say something. NASD participates in Safe2Say Something (S2SS) and offers a tipline.  A Safe2Say Something tip can be reported here.

    Technology Services

    The NA Technology Services Team is dedicated to supporting all students through the support of a robust digital ecosystem.

    Technology Safety

    As we prepare for the new school year, learn how the District helps keep your student safe when using school devices

    NASD iPads are issued to students in grades K-8 with pre-loaded instructional apps commonly used by our teachers. If there is an application that you would like to opt-out of on behalf of your student, please submit a request for the app to be removed by NASD Tech Services.

    Device Distribution/Collection


    North Allegheny’s bus drivers proudly transport more than 8,500 students to and from school on a daily basis. Our Transportation Department looks forward to seeing your students return for the 2023-2024 school year!

    Student bus assignments will be available in August 2023. Drivers will be testing routes the week of July 31.

    Direct any questions about your bus assignment(s) to transportation@northallegheny.org.

    Visit the Transportation section on the NA website for bus safety information.

    Special Requests

    Families with special transportation requests were asked to complete the proper forms by Friday, June 30, 2023. 

    This only includes students who are regularly transported to or from a bus stop other than the one assigned for their home address. This includes students:

    • under the age of 12 that have a special transportation request for the purposes of shared custody or daycare.
    • who attend a private or parochial school and utilize NASD transportation.

    Forms that were received by June 30, 2023, will be implemented for the new school year.

    • Any forms that are submitted after the June 30 deadline will be processed as quickly as possible but there is no guarantee of implementation by the start of the school year (August 21, 2023).
    • Forms are required to be filed annually or whenever a change is made. For more information and to fill out a form, visit our transportation website.