• Music Department

  • NASD Music Department Statement

    The North Allegheny School District Music Department espouses this mission statement through meaningful experiences that allow children and young adults the opportunity to explore and create music.  Through a broad range of music lessons and activities, students are able to become lifelong learners of music and prepare for life in a changing world.  

    Philosophy Statement

    Music has an important role in society.  The K-12 curriculum is designed to develop the skills necessary to promote creativity and an aesthetic response to music as performers and listeners.  The North Allegheny Music Department believes that the music education curriculum can provide a diverse musical experience that enhances the understanding of various cultures and promotes opportunities for cross-curricular experiences.  As a result, students cultivate skills in language development, reasoning, coordination, engagement, cognitive development, emotional intelligence, personal discipline, self-confidence, and teamwork.  Through meaningful musical experiences, students feed their intellectual curiosity and engage in a rigorous pursuit of knowledge to establish a clear understanding of collective intelligence.  Students become critical and creative thinkers, collaborators, and communicators, thus becoming contributing members of their school community and productive members of society.

    Department Goals

    1. To acquire skills in listening, describing, reading, performing, and creating in order to promote aesthetic response.
    2. To acquire and apply musical knowledge.
    3. To take the initiative to select, understand, and appreciate music as an art form.
    4. To gain insights into many cultures and eras.
    5. To develop the ability to make qualitative judgments relative to music.
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