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    The North Allegheny School District provides a program for each student whose dominant language is not English for the purpose of facilitating the student's achievement of English proficiency and all academic standards. The family of each student who enrolls in the District is asked to complete a home language survey. If a student's home language is not English, an English proficiency assessment is given. Students who do not demonstrate English proficiency are scheduled for appropriate English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. Questions regarding the ESL program may be referred to the student's assigned school building or the Curriculum and Assessment Department.

    The North Allegheny School District has implemented a magnet school model for ESL students. Students will be assigned to a specific school so that services are delivered more effectively. At the elementary level, Franklin Elementary, Marshall Elementary, and McKnight Elementary will be the magnet schools for the elementary ESL Program. In this model, EL students are reassigned to these buildings for all instruction, eliminating shuttle transportation between buildings and loss of instructional time for students. At the middle level, Carson Middle School and Marshall Middle School will be the magnet schools for the middle school ESL Program. EL students from North Allegheny Senior High School will travel to North Allegheny Intermediate School for ESL instruction. When students are exited from the ESL Program and monitored, parents will have the option of returning their child to the home school attendance building or allowing the student to remain in the reassigned building.

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    • Marcy Marshall - North Allegheny Intermediate and North Allegheny Senior High School