This school year your student will be receiving an updated district-issued iPad. Distribution will occur on the first day of school.   

    For Parents/Guardians of Returning Students entering Fifth Grade: When your student reports to the first day of school, they will need to have their iPad and case in order to exchange their existing iPad for the new iPad; your student does not need to return the charger or cable. Upon collection, the returned iPad will be examined for possible damage. If the iPad is damaged, you will be notified after the collection process and an insurance claim may be filed depending on the damage. The new iPad will remain with fifth graders until the end of eighth grade.

    Below is important information relating to guidelines, insurance, and distribution procedures that require your attention prior to your student receiving their iPad for the school year. If you have more than one student receiving an iPad, you will need to complete each of the three steps separately for each student. 

    If you have questions about the distribution of your student's iPad, please contact your building principal or Technology Services

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