• TigerID (Single Sign On Portal)

  • https://login.northallegheny.org/

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    TigerID is North Allegheny's single sign-on (SSO) platform which allows users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites with just a single username and password.  TigerIDs are distributed from Technology Services to all students, employees, and parents/guardians. 

  • TigerID for Students and Staff


    When students are enrolled in the District, a TigerID will be generated for the student and will be provided to the student on their first day of school. 

    If a student or staff member has forgotten their TigerID or password, please contact the Service Desk at servicedesk@northallegheny.org to request a password reset or to obtain their TigerID


    Staff Members

    Staff members will receive their TigerID login information along with any assigned equipment on their first day of work.  
    Staff members are required to use two-factor authentication to secure their TigerID.  

    Please contact the ServiceDesk for support.

    ☎️ 412-369-5849 (x51500)


    📧 servicedesk@northallegheny.org 

  • TigerID for Parents and Guardians

    Parents/Guardians will receive an email from noreply-tigerid@northallegheny.org when your TigerID is available for you to claim.  

    In that email, you will be provided a claim code to use to claim your TigerID.  

    You will also need to know the student ID number of one of your currently enrolled students.  

    Your TigerID login name will be the email address that you have listed in Tyler as a contact email. 

    To claim your TigerID for Parents & Guardians:

    • Visit the TigerID login page at https://login.northallegheny.org or click the TigerID icon on the NASD website.
    • Choose Claim TigerID for Parents & Guardians
    • Enter your claim code (from welcome email) 
    • Enter one of the student ID numbers of your child. (If you have more than one child just enter one id. It doesn't matter which one you choose.)
    • Set up challenge questions to associate with your account. Choose at least three questions, and remember those answers in case you have to reset your password or unlock your account in the future.


    Animated GIF of how to claim your TigerID