We are excited to release the parent view feature of Blackboard Learn to parents of students in Kindergarten through 12. Blackboard is a web-based learning management system that your child(ren) have been using to access class content, calendars, assignments, and other resources. As a parent/guardian you will be able to view many of these resources available to your child(ren).

    Our teachers have been making use of Blackboard as both a classroom instructional tool and as a means to share class information. Teachers have been utilizing many features of Blackboard and posting class content, announcements, and homework assignments. As a parent/guardian, you will be able to have view-only access to these same resources. Blackboard also provides numerous opportunities for students to collaborate through discussion boards, wikis, and blogs. These collaborative features are not accessible to parents/guardians to protect student privacy of academic work. The gradebook feature of Blackboard is not accessible to parents/guardians. Please use the Parent Tyler Portal as you have in the past.


    Blackboard Learn is a web-based teaching and learning environment that enables teachers to build and manage a Web component for their classes. For students, this means:

    • access to course materials such as handouts or copies of classroom presentations, which often can be downloaded for further review
    • access to a course calendar and announcements
    • opportunities to communicate and collaborate with classmates through tools such as discussion boards, wikis, and blogs
    • online assessments (surveys and quizzes where teachers can provide feedback)



    The "Blackboard app," available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, is designed for student use only. If you log into the app using your parent credentials you will not be able to view your child's course.

    Note: Students with district-issued iPads do not have access to this app in self-service. Students who install this app on a personal device (i.e. cell phone) can access their Bb classes.

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