The District's community-based Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)  began in the 2014-2015 school year to aid in identifying ways that technology can enhance, support, and transform the teaching and learning environment in the North Allegheny School District and to act as an advocate for the District’s educational technology vision. The recommendations made by this committee have been rooted in the committee’s desire to transform the classroom environment in a manner that remains true to the District’s history of excellence in education and innovation.

    The recommendations from the initial TAC created the program known as  FOCUS 2020 and those recommendations have been operationalized. The District recognized a need to continue the work of the original TAC in bringing innovative learning opportunities to every child as we strive toward the mission of preparing all students for success in a changing world.  In 2019, TAC made the following recommendations and rebranded FOCUS 2020 as FOCUS FORWARD

    #1: Adopt an instructional model that will redefine our students’ learning opportunities and experiences.

    #2: Educate North Allegheny’s stakeholders about the future of work to assist students in their college and career readiness.

    #3: Continue to assess and support the North Allegheny Digital Ecosystem, and uphold the original goals of the FOCUS 2020 Program: equity, one-to-one, and support.

      • Create an equitable technological environment for all students and teachers.
      • Adopt a one-to-one (1:1) computing environment in Grades 1-12, supplemented with specialty computer labs and shared mobile devices as necessary.
      • Expand staffing appropriately to support success.

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