North Allegheny School District takes student digital safety very seriously. There are several precautions that the District has in place to protect students while they are online. District personnel regularly share with students our expectations surrounding online behaviors. Educational conversations happen daily between teachers and students about technology use and responsibilities. In addition to the routine conversations, the District addresses digital safety through education and technological methods, including: 

    • Reviewing safety expectations as a part of the annual “Boot-up” Camps presented by teachers at the start of every school year.
    • Maintaining policies and behavior expectations in the Code of Conduct.
    • Providing Digital Citizenship lessons at every grade level. 
      • Elementary students participate in these lessons in library classes. 
      • Middle School students participate in lessons in the Business, Library, and School Counseling lessons. 
      • High School students participate in lessons in social studies and from principals.
    • Filtering Internet access. District devices are filtered at school AND at home. The filter blocks content in broad categories including, but not limited to, adult content, porn/nudity, sex education, dating, forums, private websites, auctions, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, streaming TV/radio, games, violence, hate, virus, malware, and web proxies sites.
    • Placing restrictions on devices and services. These restrictions include:
      • Using the Restricted Mode on YouTube and Google search.
      • On iPads:
        • restricting access to the App Store, access to explicit content in iBooks, podcasts, restricting access to the game center, and limiting apps on the iPads to be age-appropriate apps.
      • On Windows PCs:
        • prohibiting software from being installed, limited access to the Control Panel, restricted access to the C: drive, inability to create local accounts on the PC, and supporting only “plug and play” devices. 

    As a parent/guardian of a North Allegheny student, you will receive a weekly email report from Securly, the District’s Internet content filter, that provides a summary of your child's online activities. By downloading the Securly Home app, or accessing their website, you can view a more detailed report on your child's Internet use and restrict their access to various websites while the device is in use outside of school.
    You can learn more about Securly for Parents on the District’s website

    In addition to keeping your children safe, we know that many parents/guardians are concerned about possible accidental damage to the school-issued device. You may choose to participate in our optional device protection/insurance plan. The plan is in effect for the school year, including the summer. You can learn more about the device protection program on the District’s website. You always have the option to accept or decline the coverage for the device, but you must enroll your child’s device annually at One2OneRisk.com. Regardless of your decision, your enrollment is required on or before October of the upcoming school year. The process for accepting or declining is available on the District website. 

    To learn more about how the District endeavors to keep your children and devices safe, we encourage you to explore the resources below.

    Should you have any questions or concerns about how the District strives to protect students or devices, please do not hesitate to contact the Technology Service Desk at 412-369-5849 or via email at

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