• The Technology Services Department has traditionally presented to the school board in the Spring to provide the board an update about the progress of Focus 2020.  This update has consisted of information about student learning happening with technology, data collected regarding technology utilization, and a preview of future plans.  During the emergency school closures beginning in March 2020, much of the typical data was not possible to collect. 

    This written report is intended as a combination of an update to the School Board and community and a rolling technology planning document indicating a three-year outlook within specific focus areas.

    The format of this report is based on the Digital Leap Success Matrix developed by the CoSN organization.  CoSN is the Leading Education Innovator and Professional Organization for the K-12 Chief Technology Officer role.  The Digital Leap Success Matrix outlines the practices needed to be a successful digital school system.

    The Matrix is aligned to CoSN’s Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO, which focuses on three key professional categories: Leadership and Vision; Educational Environment; and Managing Technology and Business moving beyond the individual leader and identifying and promoting the fundamental requirements for the school system to create next-generation learning environments that foster equitable and effective use of technology.


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