• Chairperson: Bridgett Bilenski BSN RN CSN

    Email: bbilenski@northallegheny.org

    Building: FES, MMS

    Phone: 724-934-6044


    The philosophy of the NASD Health Services Department supports the belief that each child will acquire and maintain a level of wellness that ensures the opportunity to achieve maximum benefit from his/her educational experience. Parents/guardians have primary responsibility for the welfare of their children. The certified school nurse serves as liaison between the family, school, and community in order to improve the health status of children. The Health Services Department focuses on prevention, early intervention, and strengthening the ability of children, youth, and families to practice a healthy life style. It is through the collaboration of the family, school, and community that the students of today will become healthy and productive adults of the future.

    School nurses support learning by:

    • Assessing & treating illness and injury
    • Providing health screenings (mandated by the PA Department of Health) and as requested by parent/guardian
      • Hearing screening - K,1,2,3,7,11
      • Height, weight, & vision screening - every grade every year
      • Scoliosis screening - 6,7
    • Providing support for children with chronic health problems
    • Monitoring immunizations
    • Providing health education programs for students & staff
    • Being members of student support teams
    • Administering medications & providing nursing procedures
    • Working as a resource for families on available community health care programs