• NASD Branding

    Every organization regardless of size or mission needs a carefully crafted and clear set of brand standards to help define and maintain its identity. Brand guidelines should apply to all aspects of an organization’s communication efforts, both internal and external.

    Branding and identity standards are meant to assist employees and partners with the creation and proper execution of branded communications. This document provides an overview of the North Allegheny brand and is a guide for consistent design and communications with references to approved language, typefaces, design elements, color palettes, photography, logo usage and the overall emotion and persona of the brand. Used consistently over time, these standards will help build a powerful identity in the hearts and minds of our audience.

    While designers and marketing professionals always have some flexibility with regard to branded materials, the integrity of these standards should always be adhered to.

    NA Lettermark

    NA Tiger Logo

    NA Tiger Paw Print Logo