• A Candid Conversation about Drugs, Alcohol, and Addiction

    Presented by North Allegheny School District & the NA Citizens Advisory Council

    On April 21, North Allegheny School District held an important discussion about drugs, alcohol, and addiction and the resources available. Panelists engaged in a candid conversation on topics including:

    • When and how to talk to your children about drugs and alcohol.
    • Substance use-related trends on a national and local level.
    • The importance of evidence-based approaches to help kids who are using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

    To watch the replay of our discussion, visit our YouTube page at https://youtu.be/E8grxWmqZ8k.

    Resources from our Panelists

    • Prevention Point Pittsburgh: Prevention Point Pittsburgh (PPP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing health empowerment services to people who use drugs. The mission of Prevention Point Pittsburgh is to promote and advocate for the reduction of harms associated with injection and other forms of drug use, and to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, other blood-borne infections, and overdose.
    • NEXT Distro: An online and mail-based harm reduction service designed to reduce opioid overdose death, prevent injection-related disease transmission, and improve the lives of people who use drugs.
    • Caron Treatment Center offers a free digital learning program, designed for teens, parents/caregivers and child-serving professionals (including school personnel). These are interactive digital courses addressing issues that include nicotine cessation, SUDs prevention and resources, impact of SUDs on the family, and marijuana & vaping among youth (trends and prevention). Visit www.caron.org/digital-learning.
    • Caron also offers a resource kit, containing a library of blogs, podcasts, videos, social media and print material to gain knowledge and support for all your efforts surrounding substance use prevention, intervention and recovery. Resources are accessible via your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The resource kit can be found at www.caron.org/education-alliance-resource-kit.
    • Shape the Sky: Helps parents and professionals create responsible children online. We believe that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” when it comes to educating our youth around responsible technology use. If we don’t start the conversation now, our youth could make mistakes on social media in the future.