• Student Absences

    North Allegheny School District is accepting student absence excuses electronically through the Tyler SIS Parent Portal.

    Student excuses will be submitted through an "E-Form," creating a touchless submission option for parents/guardians. This will reduce the amount of paper transmissions between parents/guardians, students, and our staff. Please review the directions below to submit an electronic student excuse below and contact your student's building secretary with any questions.

    Submit Student Absences Electronically

    1. Log in to TigerID at login.northallegheny.org and click on the "Tyler SIS" tile.
    2. Select e-Forms
    3. Select Optional and then Create New by clicking on the blue link titled Absence e-Form.
    4. Fill out the Electronic Absence Form for the student by selecting the appropriate Date, Reason and any other information you feel the school should know. You may attach accompanying documentation if needed by clicking Browse. Click Submit when finished to send to the school.