• Week # 1- P.E.procedures rules and routines "FULL VALUE CONTRACT"
    Week # 2- Exercises Flexibilities and agilities
    Week # 3- Acivity or small sided game
    In the first 3 weeks The students will be working on their locomotor skills with such agilities as high knees back pedaling,sliding,skipping hopping cariocca, hurdling,jumping hopping,striding,sprintingand many others. the emphasis is for students top demonstrate these skills in a series of warmup relays. They also will participate in some low organizational activities that emphasize AGILITY. They will eventually lead up to a small sided game or activity that includes gator balls where students will demonstrate their abilities in 2 small sided games called "TIGER TAIL" and "KING/QUEEN BALL". The students will also perform certain locomotor skills on The "PATCH". The kindergarten and 1st grade will participate in certain skills in an action base learning center and a variety of activities. They will also take part in climbing and jumping activities that will involve team building.
Last Modified on September 15, 2010