• Safety Information for Students and Parents/Guardians

    Courteous behavior on the school bus is a matter of safety. Inappropriate action by just one child can jeopardize everyone's safety. Please go over the rules listed below and instruct your child to follow them.

    1. Be at your assigned bus stop five minutes ahead of schedule.
    2. No playing or standing in the street at the bus stop.
    3. Board and depart in an orderly manner.
    4. Always cross 15 feet in front of the bus.
    5. Cross only when red lights are flashing and traffic is stopped.
    6. Remain visible to the bus driver at all times.
    7. Stay in assigned seats.
    8. Observe classroom conduct.
    9. Talk quietly.
    10. Be polite.
    11. Refrain from abusive language.
    12. Food, drink, and tobacco products are prohibited on the bus.
    13. Electronics, games, cell phones, and animals are also prohibited on the bus.
    14. Items brought to school should fit on your lap.
    15. Keep the bus clean.
    16. Do not tamper with any of the equipment on the bus.
    17. Cooperate with your driver.
    18. Follow all rules posted in every school bus.


    There are consequences when a student opts to violate the rules. North Allegheny has a ladder of discipline for bus behavior offenses.

    • First offense - verbal warning.
    • Second offense - detention and/or bus seat change.
    • Third offense - bus safety school plus parent/guardian conference.
    • Repeated or very serious offenses will result in revocation of transportation provided by the District.


    Riding a school bus is a privilege. If a student is in violation of the rules, the District may revoke transportation, making it the parent's/guardian's responsibility.