The North Allegheny School District is committed to providing all students and employees with the right to a safe and civil educational environment, free from harassment or bullying, in accordance with 22 Pa. Code § 12.3 (c). It is the intent of the North Allegheny School District Board of School Directors to provide all students with an equitable opportunity to learn. The District recognizes that bullying interferes with the learning process and may present an obstacle to the academic, vocational, and social/emotional development of students. To that end, the Board has a significant interest in providing a safe, orderly, and respectful school environment that is conducive to teaching and learning.

    Bullying shall be defined as an intentional and unwelcome electronic (cyber), written, verbal, psychological, or physical act, or series of acts directed at another student or students, which occurs in a school setting and/or outside of a school setting, has these characteristics that are severe, persistent, or pervasive. Cyber-Bullying includes any form of verbal or psychological bullying that may occur on the Internet through social media. Cyber-bullying includes, but is not limited to, the following misuses of technology: harassing, teasing, intimidating, threatening, or terrorizing another student, teacher, or employee of the District by sending or posting inappropriate or derogatory email messages, instant messages, text messages, digital pictures or images, or website postings including any social networking accounts, for example, blogs. All forms of cyberbullying are unacceptable and, to the extent that such actions are disruptive of the educational process of the District, offenders shall be the subject of appropriate discipline, which may include legal and/or police proceedings.

    The Board prohibits all forms of bullying by District students in all school settings. The Board also prohibits all forms of bullying by District students in non-school settings, and will enforce consequences provided under its policy to acts of bullying occurring in a non-school setting to the fullest extent permitted by law if those acts meet the definition of bullying.

    Relevant School Board Policy and more information:

    Policy 249: Anti-Bullying/Cyberbullying

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