The Board shall enroll school-age students eligible to attend District schools in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, Board policy, and administrative procedures.

    School-age resident students and eligible non-resident students shall be entitled to attend District schools. Except when a student is homeless, the District shall not enroll a student until the parent(s)/guardian(s) has submitted: (1) proof of the student's age, residence, and immunizations and (2) a completed Parental Registration Statement, as required by law and regulations.  The Parent Registration Statement shall include a sworn statement attesting to whether the student has been or is suspended or expelled from another school or school district for those offenses identified in the Safe Schools Act.

    The North Allegheny School Board established age requirements for the admission of beginning students which are consistent with statutes and sound educational practice, and which ensure the equitable treatment of all eligible children. A child is eligible for Kindergarten if s/he has attained the age of five (5) years on or before September 1.

    Relevant School Board policies:

    Policy 200: Enrollment of Students

    Policy 201: Admission of Students to Kindergarten and First Grade

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