The North Allegheny School District Board of School Directors is comprised of nine committed and experienced individuals whose mission is to deliver outstanding educational opportunities to our children.

    The Board is the policy-making body of the District, deriving its legal authority from the statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It sets exemplary standards that best serve the interests of the children and the residents of the District. Board members are elected by popular vote to two- or four- year terms. Service as a Director is voluntary. The board selects the Superintendent as the District's Executive Officer and delegates the responsibility for implementing its policies and priorities to the Superintendent.

    The School Board encourages residents to attend meetings and welcomes comments and suggestions on any topic from its constituents. There are a number of ways for residents to communicate with the Board. Written correspondence may be addressed to the Board of School Directors at the Central Administrative Offices. Comments or questions may also be sent via email to aweidman@northallegheny.org or faxed to 412-369-5895.  

    In addition, residents are invited to speak at public Board meetings during the designated time periods indicated on each agenda. Comments related to voting items are heard prior to Board action. Individuals who sign up to speak in advance are allowed five minutes, but time is also allotted for those who do not register in advance in two minute increments. 

    For more information about the School Board and the Meeting Schedules, visit the School Board webpage or contact the School Board Secretary at 412-369-5419.

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