The North Allegheny School District recognizes that the appropriate use of electronic devices can provide great potential for enhanced learning opportunities for all students. The District holds high expectations for student behavior, academic integrity, and responsible use of existing and emerging technologies, such as cellular phones, digital picture/video cameras, and/or other personal electronic devices capable of capturing and/or transmitting data or images. Students who possess and/or use such devices at school or school-sponsored events must demonstrate the greatest respect for the educational environment and the rights and privacy of all individuals within the school community. The District reserves the right to restrict student use of District-owned technologies and personal electronic devices on school grounds, District-operated school buses and other conveyances, at school, or school-sponsored activities, whether or not occurring on school grounds.

    Personal electronic communication devices include all devices that can take photographs; record audio or video data; store, transmit or receive messages or images; or provide a wireless connection to the Internet. Examples of these electronic and personal communication devices include, but shall not be limited to, iPads, cellular telephones, laptops or other student-owned computers, as well as any new technology developed with similar capabilities of data storage or transmission.

    Relevant School Board Policy and more information:

    Policy 237: Electronic Devices

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