• Fitness Testing
    Push Ups-Students will be tested on how many Push Ups they can by keeing their torso straight and lowering their body to 2-3" from the ground and raising their body to a complete prallel postion. Sstudents must hold each position for 2 seconds
    Curl Ups- Students will lay flat on their back with their Hands       they will pull their body forward and reach a designated point and then lower their body back to a prone position      
    Sit and Reach-students will sit flat on the floor keeping their knees fully extended and with their feet up agaist the sit and reach box. They will then move foward with their body extending their hands and fingers to reach as far as they can A measurement will be taken
    Pacer test-Students wiill line up at one end of the gym and will start by walking jogging and or running keeping up with audio BEEP. The beeps will get closer in time and the students will be forced to run each length in a faster time
    1/2 mile run/mile run-  Students will run outside on the upper field a designated distance of a half mile or a mile. Their time will be recorded
Last Modified on September 20, 2010