The elementary art classes, offered to students in kindergarten through fifth grade, develop the foundational understanding and skills in the visual arts. Students practice artistic activities that develop creative strategies, skills, and habits of mind. This work supports design literacy in the language of visual composition and expression.

    Through the Elementary Visual Arts Curriculum, students:

    • Acquire procedural knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship through the art making process.
    • Develop understanding of the meaning and purpose of visual art.
    • Explore our rich and diverse historical and cultural heritage through the study of visual art.
    • Develop aesthetic judgment that supports the making and understanding of rich meaning in art.

    Students in the elementary program attend Art class for one class period each week for the entire school year. Classes additionally meet for an "Integrated Day" once every three weeks. Classes are taught by certified art specialists. Fourth Grade Art classes travel to the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh to view and discuss the work of artists they have studied. Building exhibitions mounted in each elementary building often explore integrated themes.

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