• Additional Strategies

    To initiate discussion:

    • What's going on in this painting?
    • What clues does the painting give to you (character, setting, time of day, season, conflict, etc.)?

    To perpetuate the discussion:

    • What else can you find?
    • What more do you see?
    • Who can add to that?
    • Who sees something else?
    • Does anyone see something different?

    Explore the PEOPLE in the artwork:

    • What do you think the people in the painting saying?
    • How do you think they feel?
    • What makes you say that?

    Explore the SCENE in the artwork:

    • If you could hop into the painting, what would you do there?
    • How long would you stay? Why?
    • What would your five senses tell you if you were in the middle of the scene? (Would you feel the sun shining on your face? Would you feel a breeze? How does the artist let you “feel” these things? Is it noisy or quiet? Which one of the senses does the work best fit? Why?)

    Explore the STUDENTS' INTERPRETATIONS/FEELINGS about the artwork:

    • What would you title this painting?
    • Why do you think the artist entitled this painting _______________?
    • How does this painting make you feel? Why do you say this?
    • How is the image in the painting similar to/different from your own lives?
    • Would you like this painting hanging in your room? Why or why not?