Some teachers within the Visual Arts Department have content for their courses available in an online location. Such content may include information about the curriculum, assignment information, grading information, assignment examples, and interactive content. This portal is meant to provide convenient access to these websites.


    In this course, students design and create original, media-rich, web sites and interactive, computer-based multimedia presentations. Such creations include animation, digital video, photography, graphics, sound, and music. Students learn strategies for using digital cameras and for scanning and editing photographs. Students shoot and edit digital video, as well as create animations and dynamic web content. Additionally, students learn sound recording, sound editing, and they design and compose music using the computer. The course provides a foundation for careers in the growing field of web, multimedia, and interactive design, and is taught by both art and music faculty.


    In this course, photography is approached as an expressive art form. The class includes black and white silvery photography as well as digital photography. Technical skills, an eye for composition, original insight, and experience of great photographic works enable students to express themselves through photography and create exceptional photographs.

    *PLEASE NOTE that some teachers may have content for their classes predominantly on Blackboard.

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