The North Allegheny Curriculum Department is developing resources for students to maintain the skill they have learned this school year and to minimize summer learning loss. Optional grade-appropriate materials for students will be added to our website by the end of the school year. Materials will be organized by grade (elementary) and/or subject (secondary). 


    Now that the school year has ended, students across North Allegheny are looking forward to the rejuvenating promise of summer vacation and days spent at the pool, athletic fields, and camps. But students should not stop learning just because school is out of session. In fact, keeping our students engaged and learning through the “classroom” of the summer season is one of the most important keys to academic success.

    We are pleased to provide our elementary students and families with a collection of summer learning resources to be used over the summer. This includes a Summer Reading Challenge and Rising Summer Stretch ELA work. This material can be found on your elementary student's Blackboard page. The goal is for our students to maintain the skills learned from this past year. We hope that you and your student find this work meaningful and help support the return to school in August.


    The NA Mathematics Department has created Summer Tune-Up activities for students entering grade one through the upper secondary level. It is important to note that successful completion of the tune-up packet will NOT result in permission for a student to grade level or course level accelerate over the summer. The packets are being shared to provide practice opportunities for students. Visit the Mathematics section of our website to access the packets!

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