• The North Allegheny School District utilizes the Curriculum Review Process as a systematic means for conducting an internal and external analysis of research, curriculum, and programs to make a series of recommendations for program development with specific attention to coordination and articulation to improve student learning. The purpose of the Curriculum Review Process is to ensure a continuous cycle of learning, development, and implementation.

    The Phases of that process are:

    1. Research & Program Analysis

    2. Curriculum Development and Resource Selection

    3. Initial Implementation/Revision

    4. Evaluation and Reflection

    The short-term goal of the Curriculum Review Process is to utilize findings from the Research/Study Phase to develop a series of recommendations and create a written Report and presentation for the Superintendent and School Board. A link on this page will provide you with completed Curriculum Review Reports. The long-term goal of this process is the development or refinement of a standards-based curriculum for every course with a sequenced unit-based curriculum that includes the unit, essential concepts, key learner objectives, content/resources, and common assessments. With the benefit of meaningful professional development, the implementation of this curriculum will result in learning and achievement for all students.


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