• College in High School offers regional high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit in courses taught in their high school classrooms. This program provides students the chance to participate in college-level learning experiences before they leave high school, while helping students to establish a collegiate transcript for potential transfer credits in the future. Students are not required to take the course for collegiate credit.

    The following courses are offered for CHS credit at North Allegheny School District. Please note that each college or university requires their own registration and independent payment procedures. Please talk with the teacher of the course at North Allegheny School District for more information. All courses listed below equate to three (3) collegiate credits unless otherwise noted.  North Allegheny partners with the following institutions of higher learning: Duquesne University, LaRoche University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the University of Pittsburgh.

    Should you have questions about whether a college or university will accept these credits toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree, please contact the specific Admissions Office directly. This database also serves as a resource for students and families:

    Please refer to the North Allegheny Program of Studies for a complete list of CHS Classes offered. 

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