• February 17-21, 2020

    Math - Chapter 9: Comparing fractions

    Reading: Lesson 18- "Me and Uncle Romie"-  Test Friday on comprehension, vocabulary, and skills.

    This is a realistic historical fiction story based on the paintings of Romare Beardon.

    Grammar skill: adjectives

    Comprehension Skill:  compare and contrast and theme

    Spelling: test Thursday- Trace and try is due Wednesday, but the worksheet is due Friday.  

    SS:  We are learning about ancient civilizations.  We are completing a packet as we read to aid with comprehension.  I will send a study guide to prepare for the test once we have gotten through the packet.

    Reading: Read 10 minutes. 
    Spelling:  trace and try. Test Thursday.
    Social Studies: 
    To Do:  charge iPad 
    Reading: Read 10 min. Study vocabulary. Finish PB 124, 131, 132
    Math: Reflex Math. 517 & 518.
    Spelling: Trace & Try due tomorrow.  Worksheet due Friday.  Test on Thursday.
    Social Studies: 
    Science: Finish Solid, Liquid, Gas project
    Notes: Bring library books. *Bring instruments for orchestra.
     **Charge iPads  

    Reading:  Read 10 minutes.  Study vocabulary. 

    Math:  Reflex math. 523 & 524

    Clements:  517

    Spelling:  Worksheet Friday.  Test Thursday.  Practice in cursive.

    Social Studies: 
    To Do: 
      **Charge iPads
    Reading:  Read "Me and Uncle Romie." Study vocabulary.
    Math: Reflex math and 511 + 512
    Clements:  Reflex math 523-524 skip #12
    Spelling:  Worksheet due tomorrow.
    Social Studies:
    To Do: Charge iPad.   
    Black and Gold Day.  Wear shoes and clothes for PE.  
    Reading:  Read 30 minutes.   Do READ A Thon bookmark.
    Math:  Reflex Math. 
    Social Studies:  
    To Do: Charge iPad. Monday is DEAR.  Have books with you to read at school.
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