• Parent Engagement Committees Overview

    The following guidelines are in place for participating in a parent engagement committee.

    • All appointed members shall serve a term of one year and attend every meeting.  
    • As of August 2022, all schools will have a PTA, PFA, or PTO K-12. For each school, at least one committee member must be an active member of the PTO, PFA, or PTA for SPLC, SAC and EAC Committees.  
    • Committee members can only serve on one of the District committees at a time.  
    • Committee member names will be published on the District website with contact information.
    • Each committee member shall:
      • Keep confidential matters confidential.  
      • Represent their school community.
      • Listen and be open-minded. We shall agree to disagree about issues and not to be disagreeable after discussions.
      • Discuss things as a group with common goals, not as a group of individuals.
      • Agree to be a problem solver and work as a team.   

    If you have any questions or issues with the sign-up link, please contact the Communications Department at CommunicationsDept@northallegheny.org.