The goals of the Citizens Advisory Committee are:

    • To provide two-way communications between the citizens and the Board for the benefit of the school community.
    • To inform the Board of the views of the citizens on matters of current interest.
    • To provide information, opinions, and recommendations which would be helpful to the Board.
    • To enable the Board to draw upon the resources of the community in making studies of various issues, programs, and concerns within the District.


    2023-2024 MEETING DATES & TIMES

    All meetings are from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in the CAO Board Room.

    • October 9
    • November 13
    • January 8
    • February 5
    • March 4
    • April 22



    Email Committee Chair, Vidya Szymkowiak at vszymkowiak@northallegheny.org or Ahlam Weidman at aweidman@northallegheny.org

    2023-2024 MEMBERS

    Name School
    Alpa Arora IMS, NAI, NASH
    Alice Beckett-Rumberger NAI, NASH
    Alison Edfors CMS, NAI, NASH
    Patrick Groves HES
    John Harrison NAI
    Shawnnelle Hazard MCK, CMS, NAI, NASH
    Tracey Jones NAI
    Lisa Kelly NAI, NASH
    Lisa Maeshall MES, MMS, NAI
    Julie Perrotte CMS, NASH
    Hallie Sciullo NAI
    Barb Shafran  
    Andrew Smith PES
    Linton Vadakedathu FES

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