• Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)


    The goals of the Citizens Advisory Committee are:

    • To provide two-way communications between the citizens and the Board for the benefit of the school community.
    • To inform the Board of the views of the citizens on matters of current interest.
    • To provide information, opinions, and recommendations which would be helpful to the Board.
    • To enable the Board to draw upon the resources of the community in making studies of various issues, programs, and concerns within the District.

    2023-2024 Meeting Dates and Times

    All meetings are from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in the CAO Board Room.

    • October 9
    • November 13
    • January 8
    • February 5
    • March 4
    • April 22

    2023-2024 Members

    Name Email School
    Alpa Arora alpaarora@hotmail.com IMS, NAI, NASH
    Alice Beckett-Rumberger abeckettrumberger@gmail.com NAI, NASH
    Alison Edfors Aedfors@yahoo.com CMS, NAI, NASH
    Patrick Groves patrick.groves@mac.com HES
    John Harrison jharrisonii@netscape.net NAI
    Shawnnelle Hazard Shawnnellehazard@gmail.com MCK, CMS, NAI, NASH
    Tracey Jones Traceylynn10@verizon.net NAI
    Lisa Kelly lmurraypgh@yahoo.com NAI, NASH
    Lisa Maeshall believerlms@msn.com MES, MMS, NAI
    Julie Perrotte julieperrotte@gmail.com CMS, NASH
    Hallie Sciullo halliejs@aol.com NAI
    Andrew Smith straygeologist@gmail.com PES
    Linton Vadakedathu linandcass@gmail.com FES