The Superintendent/Parents Liaison Committee (SPLC) shall:

    • Provide two-way communication between representatives of the community, and the Superintendent, for the benefit of the community.
    • Inform the Superintendent of the views of parents on matters of current interest.
    • Enable the Superintendent to draw upon the resources and advice of parents in decision-making.
    • Gather information about the School District through committee study.


    2023-2024 MEETING DETAILS

    All meetings will be held from 9:30-11:00 a.m. in the NASD Board Room, 200 Hillvue Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.

    • September 28 (combined meeting with EAC and SAC)   
    • November 1
    • January 24 (combined meeting with EAC and SAC)
    • March 6
    • May 1 (combined meeting with EAC and SAC )



    Email Ahlam Weidman at aweidman@northallegheny.org

    2023-2024 MEMBERS

    Name School
    Lindsay Beel PES
    Katherine Biggs MES, MMS
    Sarah Boyle PES, CMS
    Susie Broms PES, CMS
    Tennille Bunger MCK, NAI
    Elaine Davis CMS
    Julie Dubis IES, IMS
    Sue Gaertner CMS
    Sherri Ginsburg HES
    Katherine Habr BWE
    Autumn Hughey IMS, NAI
    Darchelle Humphries NASH
    Monica Malik FES, IMS
    Alexis McKinley PES
    Danielle Pisani FES, IMS
    Jill Rogers IES, IMS
    Alishia Sayre MCK
    Melissa Simon IMS, NASH
    Brian Snyder IES
    Brandie Sunday CMS, NASH
    Emily Theys MES
    Susan White IMS, NASH

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