On an annual basis, the North Allegheny School District revises and publishes its Program of Studies. The course offerings for each grade level and content area are designed in a sequential manner. The beginning of the document outlines general information and terminology to assist this important process. The remainder of the document focuses on course descriptions for each Department and the special programs available to meet individual student needs.

    Each year, the District publishes a Scheduling Timeline that identifies the major benchmarks for this process. With the need to schedule approximately 2,600 students, it is important for students, parents, and the professional staff to understand the expectations. Certain courses are required within each grade level. At other times, students are recommended for a course based upon the pre-requisite criteria or sequence designed in that particular Department. Some courses are only available at certain times or in certain grade levels. For more information about requirements for specific classes of students, please visit the Graduation Requirements link. Please contact the School Counseling Office with specific questions.


    1. At least 2.0 credits of Elective Courses must be acquired in the Arts and Humanities. Arts and Humanities courses include additional courses in English, Social Studies, World Languages, Visual Arts, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Music Arts.
    2. At least one additional credit must be taken in a S.T.E.M.- related area (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). In the Table of Contents for the selected Department, the Program of Studies outlines specific courses that meet the S.T.E.M. designation.
    3. Students must schedule a minimum of 7.0 credits each year: Students who deviate from this requirement must have the approval of the Building Principal and/or IEP Team.
    4. Successful completion of a minimum of 12 credits is required to achieve junior standing. Students with deficiencies in English, Math, Science, or Social Studies will require a review in order to be eligible for full-time enrollment at the Senior High School.
    5. There are eight instructional periods at the Intermediate High School and Senior High School. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many and varied elective courses offered by the District.
    6. Students may not schedule more than the equivalent of one full year/full-time study hall during the year.



    The middle-level program at the North Allegheny School District is designed to meet the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of adolescents. The scheduling timeline for students entering grades six through eight is similar to the high school - but occurs in a simplified manner. Depending on the particular grade level, students have only a few choices for music or world languages. Math recommendations are based on a score earned through a matrix that utilizes multiple criteria. Parents should contact the School Counseling Office with specific questions related to scheduling.

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