• College in High School at North Allegheny

    College in High School (CHS) offers regional high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit in courses taught right in their high school classrooms. This program provides students the chance to participate in college-level learning experiences before they leave high school, while helping students to establish a collegiate transcript for potential transfer credits in the future. Students are NOT required to take the course for collegiate credit, unless they wish to do so.

    The following are courses offered for CHS credit. Please note that each college or university requires their own registration and independent payment procedures. Please talk with the teacher of the course at North Allegheny School District for more information. All courses listed below equate with three (3) collegiate credits unless otherwise noted.

    Should you have questions about whether or not a college or university will accept these credits toward the completion of a Bachelor’s degree, please contact the specific Admissions Office directly. Many families also review this database to review the likelihood of acceptance of transfer credits: http://eceapps.uconn.edu/credit_transfer_database/.

    Business, Computers, and Information Technology (BCIT)

    Course Course Number University
    Business Communications 7905 La Roche University
    Honors Advanced Accounting 1 7705 Carlow University
    Honors Advanced Accounting 2 7805 Carlow University
    Intro to Information Science 7906 University of Pittsburgh
    Principles of Accounting 1 7505 Carlow University
    Principles of Accounting 2 7605 Carlow University
    Webpage Design 7908 La Roche University (Grades 10-12 only)


    Course Course Number University
    AP English 4: Lit & Comp 1012 La Roche University
    Film Studies 1912 La Roche University
    Honors Argument 1908 University of Pittsburgh
    Honors Shakespeare 1911 La Roche University
    Journalism 11 1803 La Roche University
    Speech 1805 La Roche University

    Family and Consumer Sciences

    Course Course Number University
    Child Development 8704 La Roche University


    Course Course Number University
    AP Calculus AB 3012 La Roche University
    AP Calculus BC 3022 La Roche University
    AP Computer Science 3011 La Roche University
    AP Statistics 3014 La Roche University
    Honors Calculus 3422 La Roche University
    Honors Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry 3421 La Roche University
    Probability and Statistics 3812 La Roche University
    Honors Linear Algebra 3032 La Roche University


    Course Course Number University
    AP Music 6301 La Roche University


    Course Course Number University
    AP Biology 4011 La Roche University
    AP Chemistry 4012 La Roche University
    AP Physics 1 & 2 4082 La Roche University

    Social Studies

    Course Course Number University
    AP European History 2012 La Roche University
    AP Psychology 2014 La Roche University
    AP United States History 2011 La Roche University
    Honors American Foreign Policy: 1945-Present 2611 LaLa Roche University
    Honors Modern American History and Politics 2111 La Roche University
    Honors History of East Asia: 1945-Present 2711 La Roche University
    Honors History of Europe and Russia: 1945-Present 2712 LaLa Roche University
    Multicultural Experience 2610 La Roche University
    Sociology 2911 La Roche University

    Technology and Engineering Education

    Course Course Number University
    Honors Introduction to Engineering Design PLTW 9703 Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
    Honors Digital Electronics PLTW 9701 Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
    Honors Principles of Engineering PLTW 9702 Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
    Honors Computer Integrated Manufacturing PLTW 9705 Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
    Honors Civil Engineering and Architecture PLTW 9708 Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

     Visual Arts

    Course Course Number University
    AP Art History 6013 La Roche University
    AP Art and Design 6011 La Roche University
    Honors Art 6010 La Roche University
    Photography 2 6605 La Roche University

    World Language

    Course Course Number University
    AP French 5411 La Roche University
    AP German 5511 La Roche University
    AP Latin 5611 Duquesne University
    AP Spanish 5711 La Roche University
    Honors German IV 5509 La Roche University
    Honors Spanish IV 5709 La Roche University
    Honors French V 5410 La Roche University
    Honors German V 5510 LLa Roche University
    Honors Latin V 5610 Duquesne University
    Honors Spanish V 5710 La Roche University