• Graduation Requirements

    The North Allegheny School District Program of Studies for grades 9-12 outlines the scheduling process, provides background information related to academic issues, and describes the specific courses available for students. The depth and breadth of course offerings available at the North Allegheny School District contribute to its recognition as one of the top public school districts in both Pennsylvania and the United States. Students have the opportunity to both explore a variety of subject matter and/or gain in-depth knowledge of a particular strand by completing a majority of courses with a particular department.

    Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this rich Program of Studies by scheduling at least 7.0 credits (9th-12th grade) each year. With eight instructional periods available at the high school level, students should be able to far exceed the minimum credits required through this policy. The selection of a broad spectrum of courses will help students deepen their knowledge and better determine areas of interest for the future.

Graduation Requirements
  • - The English credits also includes the culminating project as detailed in the North Allegheny School District Strategic Plan.

    * S.T.E.M. refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The Program of Studies outlines specific courses that meet the S.T.E.M. designation.

    Keystone Exams

    In addition to the 24.0 credit requirement, students must demonstrate mastery of the PA Core Standards on the Keystone Exams in order to graduate. Keystone Exams are typically taken during the spring of the year in which a student is enrolled in the appropriate course, regardless of the grade he or she is in. The current Keystone Exams are Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature. If a student does not receive a score of "Advanced" or "Proficient" on a Keystone Exam, the student is permitted to take a re-test during designated windows established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. If a student continues to receive a less than "Proficient" score on future re-tests, the District will provide opportunities for remediation and the demonstration of mastery in an alternative manner.

    The entire High School Graduation Requirements are contained in North Allegheny Board Policy #217.