• Music Room Manners: Behavioral Expectations

    Why Music Manners?
    Music class lessons are designed to engage the children in hands-on, meaningful musical experiences that meet the National Standards for Music Education. Students will be singing, moving, playing instruments, listening, creating, and analyzing. 
    Because music is an aural art - listening to directions is key. Directions may be verbal (from the teacher) or non-verbal (rhythm or tonal patterns). Some class experiences will be teacher-directed and some will be exploratory with the children making musical decisions in small groups or on their own.
    Students generally have music once a week for 45 minutes. Time is limited and there is so much to learn!
    That is why all students will learn Music Room Manners at the beginning of the school year and review them throughout the year. Kindergarteners will "Bring Five" - Listening Ears/Watching Eyes/Thinking Brains/Closed Lips/Hands Raised
    Music Room Manners
    1. Be respectful and polite.
    2. Treat classroom materials with care. They are yours & ours.
    3. Be considerate of safe, personal space.
    4. Raise your hand. Wait to be called.
    5. Follow directions the first time they are given. ("I don't get it" is o.k.)
    1. Verbal praise (To student, classroom teacher, parent)
    2. Team achievement. That #1 feeling!
    3. Class perform for teacher or special guest.
    1. Verbal warning. (Use self-control and get back on track)
    2. Report to classroom teacher (Mrs. K makes record of incident)
    3. Mrs. Kegel emails/calls home. (Discuss ways to help student improve)
    4. White slip - principal and parents are notified. 
    I encourage and welcome  communication with parents. If there is anything that I need to know to make your child's music class experience a successful one, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Last Modified on August 26, 2019