Hosack Choir
    The Hosack Choir is open to 4th and 5th graders of all ability levels. This ensemble meets during school once a week for 45 minutes. The choir will perform a Winter Concert on December 9th and a Spring Concert on May 5th.
    Singing in a choir, as in any performing ensemble, requires  that each member demonstrate commitment, effort and pride in his/her work in order for the group to progress.
    We "learn songs", but more important is the rehearsal process and what we learn as we prepare for a performance.
    The skill focus for choir includes:
    1. following conductor cues
    2. developing breath support and breath management skills
    3. diction
    4. using the mouth and face as a sound shaper (embouchure)
    5. ear-training
    6. unison singing
    7. 2-part singing
    8. score reading

    Repertoire selection is an important factor in determining a positive experience in a choir. I spend a great deal of time choosing music that meets the artistic, cognitive, emotional and social needs of the children. Special care is given to include music from a variety of traditions and styles, historical and geographical backgrounds and languages. Music is selected for it's artistic merit and educational value as well as it's appropriateness for a child's developing voice.

    Concert Attire for assemblies and evening concerts is:

    • Girls: dress or skirt/blouse or pants/blouse, dress shoes (no heels over 1"), hair pulled away from the face (The stage lights cast shadows plus the hair can hide those expressive eyes!)
    • Boys: Slacks/collared polo shirt or slacks/button-down shirt, dress shoes, belt and tie are optional, but always look sharp!
    • In general - please avoid clothing with text or numbers, also avoid warm clothing - the stage gets warm with all those bodies!
    • Spring Concert - is a little less formal and I will communicate that information closer to May!
    Tiger Chorale
    The Tiger Chorale is an auditioned ensemble that meets on scheduled Friday mornings from 8:15-9:00 a.m.
    The audition includes accurately matching sung tonal patterns, performing a short solo from a song learned in choir, singing the highest/lowest/middle pitch from a triad played by Mrs. Kegel.
    Auditions will take place sometime during recess the week of September 9th (5th Grade) or September 16th (4th Grade)
    The Chorale performs at the Winter and Spring Choir Concerts and may be asked to do special performances as needed throughout the year.
    The skill focus is the same as for Hosack Choir with an emphasis on more advanced repertoire and part-singing.
    Students must participate in Choir in order to be in Tiger Chorale.
Last Modified on August 28, 2019