• Superintendent/Parents Liaison Committee (SPLC)

    SPLC By-Laws

    1. Goals
      The goals of the Superintendent/Parents Liaison Committee are:
      1. To provide two-way communications between representatives of the Elementary PFAs, Key Communicators, and the Superintendent for the benefit of the entire school community.
      2. To inform the Superintendent of the views of parents on matters of current interest.
      3. To enable the Superintendent to draw upon the resources and advice of parents in decision-making.
      4. To gain information (reflection of community interest) about the School District through committee study (program presentations, panel discussions, etc.)
    2. Term
      1. All appointed members shall serve a term of one year.
      2. A parent liaison member, who has served two consecutive terms, may apply for additional terms at the discretion of the organization they represent.
      3. The Superintendent, in his discretion, may appoint additional liaison committee members on a temporary basis for terms up to one year without permanently increasing the size of the committee.
      4. Any vacancy, which may occur on the committee during the term of its existence, shall be filled by the alternate representative first, or a new representative from the community organization with the vacancy, if the alternate cannot fill the remaining portion of the term.
      5. Interim appointments made to the Superintendent/Parents Liaison Committee shall not be considered a term. The interim time shall not count in the appointee's eligibility to serve two consecutive years.
    3. Composition
      1. The Liaison Committee shall consist of twelve parents: one PFA board member representing each of the seven elementary schools and one each representing the membership of the five secondary Key Communicator groups.
      2. Each entity - elementary PFA and secondary Key Communicator - shall appoint one alternate member.
      3. The elementary PFAs and the secondary Key Communicators shall use the following criteria in selecting individuals for membership:
        1. Individuals who are open-minded and flexible on issues.
        2. Individuals who are willing to serve, attend meetings, and serve on subcommittees.
        3. Individuals who are willing to report back to the parent group regarding issues dealt with at the Superintendent/Parents Liaison Committee meetings.
        4. Individuals who are active members of the organization from which they were appointed.
      4. Ex-officio members of the Superintendent/Parents Liaison Committee may include:
        1. Representatives of the Board of Education
        2. Representatives of the Administrative Staff
        3. Representatives of the Professional or Support Staff
    4. Procedures In order to facilitate the smooth operation of the Superintendent/Parents Liaison Committee, the following procedures shall be adopted:
      1. All regular meetings, special meetings, and subcommittee meetings shall be opened to the full committee membership, as well as the general public. Notice of these meetings shall be given, when possible.
      2. The general public may participate in the Superintendent/Parents Liaison Committee proceedings with the permission of the membership of the committee.
      3. The Superintendent will form a Planning Committee. The purpose of the Planning Committee shall be to establish the specific functions of the committees it formed, as well as to assist in planning for the meetings and setting the agenda.
      4. The Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall serve as a basis for parliamentary procedure at all meetings of the committee. Each member of the committee shall become familiar with the Robert's Rules of Order.
      5. Alternates and (general public) guests may serve on any and all SPLC subcommittees. Alternates are welcome to attend all meetings, but it is not mandatory.
      6. The Planning Committee shall provide recommendations upon which plans of action may be built in an open, constructive fashion, with possible alternatives being made available to the SPLC for its deliberation.
    5. Superintendent/Parents Liaison Planning Committee
      1. Superintendent: The Superintendent shall act as the Chairperson of the SPLC.
      2. Planning Committee: The Planning Committee shall consist of three members (refer to Procedures D-3). One member of this committee shall be appointed Recording Secretary. The functions and duties are outlined (Procedures D-4).
      3. Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a correct record of the procedures of all meetings. The Secretary shall keep an attendance record of those meetings, and shall have charge of all general correspondence. The Secretary shall make a telephone chain of all committee members, which may be used for canceling meetings or for calling special unscheduled meetings.
    6. Structure of the Meeting
      1. To help the relations between each entity represented on the SPLC as positive and mutually supportive as possible, 30 minutes shall be set aside at the end of each meeting for open discussion among SPLC members.
      2. Members shall contact the Planning Committee to be put on the Agenda for open discussion whenever possible.
      3. Members will be asked at the beginning of the meeting if they wish to be added to the Agenda under the topic of “Open Discussion.” They will be added to the end of the Agenda at that time.
      4. To gain information (reflective of community interest), program presentation and panel discussions shall be presented at the beginning of the meeting for 30 minutes followed with a question/answer period.
      5. Members/guests who choose not to partake in the open discussion will be provided an opportunity to leave the SPLC meeting before this Agenda item takes place.
    7. Ethics/Guidelines to be Used for Open Discussion
      1. Areas of discussion must reflect our purpose, as stated in our by-laws, as well as be congruent with District goals and objectives.
      2. We shall discuss issues and process; not personalities. We shall not discuss the personal conduct of administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, support staff, students or parents.
      3. We shall keep confidential matters confidential.
      4. We shall listen and be open-minded. We shall agree we have a right to disagree about issues and agree not to be disagreeable after discussions.
      5. We shall not discuss any item that has not first gone through the proper channels (chain of command).
      6. We shall discuss cooperative efforts of the groups that we represent, i.e. sharing assemblies, pooling resources, etc.
      7. We shall keep each other informed and up-to-date about the “happenings” in the group we represent.
      8. We shall share principles and practices which serve to strengthen relationships in the groups we represent with fellow members of the SPLC.
      9. We shall not use open discussion to advance personal or building level priorities.
      10. We shall discuss things as a group with common goals, not as a group of individuals.
      11. We shall develop an effective process of evaluating our open discussions. We shall be open to inevitable changes that will need to be made as we evaluate the open discussion operation.
    8. Inclement Weather Guidelines In the event that school is canceled or there is a delay due to inclement weather, the SPLC meeting scheduled for that date will be canceled.