• Middle School Online Resources

    The North Allegheny Library Department is committed to providing our students with 24-hour access to library materials for research, leisure, and information-seeking purposes. As such, middle school libraries have a variety of databases and eBooks that can be accessed at home. Each offers beneficial features including text to speech, language options, enlargement capabilities, online dictionaries, as well as save and send options. For remote access, please refer to the information available in their Blackboard Library community groups.

    If any of the links are not authenticating, please contact Nancy Bowman.


    Six social studies databases: American Government, American History, Ancient & Medieval Eras, Issues, World Geography, World at War, and Modern Era.

    Ancient & Medieval History Infobase

    Featuring Primary Sources, maps & graphs, timelines, slideshows, and videos.

    Issues & Controversies Infobase

    Explores and analyzes hundreds of hot topics in politics, business, government, crime, law, energy, education, health, family, science, foreign policy, race, rights, society, and culture.

    ProQuest CultureGrams

    The premier destination for geography! Learn about the cultures of 200 countries. Access maps, facts, photos, and recipes. Two additional databases focus on the United States and Canada.

    Power Library

    NOW connected through TigerID!

    Pennsylvania's POWER Library offers a variety of resources, includingBookFlix & TrueFlix eBooks, Homework Help, CyberSmarts: eBooks for navigating the internet safely, Research in Context, Contemporary Authors, InfoTrac, LitFinder, and many more.

    World Book

    Access World Book Kids, Student, Advanced, Discover, and Español for all general researching needs, games, science projects, and activities.

    Science Online InfoBase

    Offers diagrams, experiments, tables and data, timelines, videos, and animations on a broad range of science topics.

    EBSCO Host

    Search over 200,000 archived magazines, newspapers, and academic periodicals.


    This web-based tool creates outlines, online notecards, papers, and perfectly formatted citations. You can log into this tool through TigerID.