Afternoon Kindergarten Arrival
    Boy Driving a Car

    Afternoon kindergarten starts at 12:45.  Please pull your car up in a single file line against the yellow curb (school-side) and stay in the car with your child. 

    When the teachers walk outside AND give "the wave", the children should exit their vehicles and line up with their class.  Your child should exit from the curb side of your vehicle.

    Please follow the car in front of you when you are leaving.  DO NOT pull around other cars!  Safety is, and will continue to be, our number one priority!  We will take good care of your child.  Please help us to ensure the safety of all of our little ones here at Marshall.


    Children who arrive after the kindergartners have entered the building, will need to be walked into the front office and signed in for the day.  Please park your car in the parking lot to do this.   There is a strict no parking in the fire lane policy that is enforced.

Last Modified on August 29, 2015