English Language Arts Corner!
    * It is important for kindergarteners to be able to recognize the upper and lower case letters and produce the letter sounds! *


     Please practice sight words daily!
    the, a, see, I, friend, to, my, by, is, go, to, you, has, he, she, put, me, with, very, good, of, here, are, was, do, be, want, look, want, for, her, they, too, we, have, some, where, come, our, that, when, said, down, so, what, were, could, now, who, your, out, know
    Important Skills We Are Working On In Class


     * Letter Recognition (upper and lower case)

    *  Letter Sounds

    * Counting the number of words in a sentence

    * Rhyming words

    * Letter writing

    * Sight words

    * Understanding the imnportant parts of the stories we read

    * Blending sounds to make words

    * Journal writing



Last Modified on August 8, 2021