• Grants

    The NA Foundation awards grants to NA staff in the fall and spring. The Spring 2023 application process is now open!

    The Foundation usually grants up to $50,000 each year, with two submission periods, one each in the first and second semesters. NA staff members will be notified via email when applications will be accepted.

    Apply Today!

    The Spring 2023 application window will be open from Friday, March 17 through Friday, March 31. The applications will be reviewed by the NA Foundation's Grants Committee and a slate of recommendations will be made to the full Foundation Board in April.

    The Process

    1. Develop an idea - the sky's the limit!
    2. Talk with your principal about the idea
    3. Feel free to reach out to other teachers or Bill Mascari (wmascari@northallegheny.org) for input
    4. Create a rough draft application proposal
    5. Submit the application when the window is opened

    Past Grants

    • 3D printers at elementary schools
    • CDC printers at middle schools
    • Bikes for Health & PE classes
    • Large instruments for band and orchestra
    • Robotics in classrooms
    • Creation of sensory rooms
    • Funds for community-based instruction

    Scoring Rubric

    Grants applications are awarded based on a scoring rubric that looks at 3 key questions:

    1. Does this grant support North Allegheny’s Strategic Goals?
    2. What is the level of impact of this grant on schools and classrooms?
    3. Does this grant fit with the NA Foundation’s mission?


    • Classroom furniture grants are usually not approved
    • Try to include more than just one class
    • Collaborate with your colleagues
    • Make a connection to enhancing the curriculum


    For further details, review this presentation from the NA Foundation Board of Trustees.