The District would like to request the support of the community in maintaining a safe and healthy environment on all District campuses. The use of the District’s property by local residents to walk their dogs is something that we continue to encourage during open campus hours. North Allegheny's "Closed Campus policy prohibits unauthorized visitors to access the District properties during the hours of 7:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday on days when school is in session, or during an evening or weekend event such as a dance, school play, or sporting event or practice when such action is deemed to serve the interest of the students and staff's safety and security.

    We would like to remind the community that it is very important for pet owners to clean up after their pets on the District’s property. We also request that residents keep their dogs on leashes at all times when they are on the District’s grounds. We believe that both of these issues are important to ensure that the students and other residents who utilize these areas for educational or recreational activities are not exposed to unsafe conditions.

    There have been some problems with students, staff, and community members who have been confronted by dogs that are not on a leash. This is a situation that could result in an injury. State regulations require that all dogs be under the control of their owners. A citation could be issued by the local law enforcement agency if a student, employee, or community member would be attacked or injured by a dog.

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