Every day, find time to practice reading. Read, read, read! =)
    Practice: printing, spelling words, high frequency words, and math facts
    Math Homework   Math homework will be sent several nights per week. It is imperative that students bring their homework back to school the very next day. If it isn't returned the next day, students will not be able to do their classwork.  
    Weekend Anthology Reading    Almost every weekend, first graders will look up the Reading anthology on-line.  Students are to read the assigned story/stories over the weekend. If you prefer, the book can be sent home in a baggie. Students will read the assigned stories and return the book (in the baggie) to school on Monday. 
    Spelling Notebook   Starting at the beginning of September, students will have a weekly spelling list. Students will write their spelling words in their Spelling Notebook at the start of the week.  They should take the Spelling Notebook home to study and bring it back to school on Friday. 
    Our Spelling test will usually be on Friday.
Last Modified on August 8, 2018