September 2017                                                                               


    Dear Second Grade GOAL Parents,


                Greetings from GOAL!     I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year. I will be contacting you during the school year when your GIEP date approaches and asking for your invaluable input. Your child will be with me for about 60 minutes each week for the unit portion of GOAL. The Ocean Life theme is a motivating, fun, and challenging unit, and I am sure your child will enjoy embarking on this adventure.  This year we’ll “sea” the GOAL students “cruising” into adventures in and around the Ocean.  
                 Materials Needed: I am asking each child to bring a 3-ring binder (1-inch metal rings, please) with 5 dividers with labels and a 2 pocket folder to organize their work.  This will make it easier for the students to keep their GOAL work organized and also easier for parental review when the binder is sent home each week.  It would be extremely helpful if they can have their materials for the week of September 12.

                Individualized Options:  The I.O. time gives students a variety of opportunities to pursue particular interests, focus on individual strengths, or try new areas of potential development.  The students will be able to choose between learning centers and/or an independent study.  Your child’s GIEP and interests will drive center choices.  Your child will maintain an I.O. log of accomplished activities, as well as weekly evaluation entries.  After completing three credits, the students will have earned an “intermission” and can play any of the strategy games available (for one or two sessions only).  This log is available for your review at anytime; just send me an e-mail that you would like to review your child's I.O. folder. They will also be creating an original board game sometime during the second semester.  More details on this project will be sent home at a later date. 

                   GOAL begins: the week of September 5th.  Your child’s GOAL and I.O. days are attached.   Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.  You can reach me by calling the office, sending me a note or e-mail message (hesswein@northallegeny.org).   Please check my web page for weekly announcements, specific news pertaining to the Ocean Life Theme. Thanks for your continued support!




     Heather Esswein

    Gifted Support Teacher






    GOAL Day of Week/Time

     I.O. Day of Week/Time

    2nd Grade

    Oceans Life

    Mrs. Esswein



















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