• Complete Student Registration Application Form
      • A decision is provided by the administrative team
    • If approved, begin the registration in the district with the Registrar’s Office



    In order to promote cultural awareness and understanding, and to provide diverse experiences for District students, the North Allegheny School District shall enroll foreign exchange students into its schools. While the District does not directly sponsor the exchange, we do cooperate with recognized organizations to offer this experience. Families are encouraged to review the details of the program outlined below.

    Additional questions can be directed to the North Allegheny Senior High School at 724-934-7200.


    To be considered for approval by the North Allegheny School District, an international student exchange program must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • The exchange program must have a representative available to connect with the host family, school, and student.
    • Applications are accepted prior to the start of the new school year from April 1 through July 1.
    • Approval is based on District-established criteria in School Board Policy #239.



    Students must fulfill all federal, commonwealth, and district eligibility requirements. These include:

    • Being sponsored by a Foreign Exchange Student Program, approved by the CSIET/US Department of State.
    • Receive approval from the North Allegheny School District Board of Directors and the principal of the school.
    • Must be at least 16 years of age and be sufficiently fluent in English. The District will rely on organizational partnerships to ensure proficiency.
    • May not be a graduate of their native school system.
    • Must have a J-1 Visa.
      • J-1 Visa - Regulated by the United States Department of State, an authorized exchange student who has come to the United States to study for a specific period of time under the sponsorship of a State Department-compliant sponsor agency for the purpose of “cultural exchange”.
    • Is not eligible to receive a high school diploma but may receive a certificate of attendance/participation if desired.



    Students approved to attend North Allegheny School District will adhere to the following:

    • Students will be enrolled as full-time students.
    • Students will be enrolled for a full academic year of study.
    • Students will be placed in an age-appropriate grade level, regardless of previous study.
    • Students will be required to take the PSSA/Keystone Exams.
    • Students can be tested for ESL upon arrival and will work with a school counselor to create a course schedule.



    • Students are able and encouraged to participate in school activities/clubs.
      • Assistance with fees is available, if needed. The host family should contact the building.
    • Students are required to adhere to all District and handbook policies.
    • Students are not required but are encouraged to participate in senior year activities.

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