On June 10, 1948, a joint venture between McCandless, Franklin, Marshall, and Bradford Woods, was completed to officially form North Allegheny Joint School District (NAJSD). The District was born out of a vision of collaboration among four municipalities to “furnish the best possible educational opportunities for the school children.” Between 1965 and 1966, the joint schools era ended, unifying the four township school boards under one and forming the North Allegheny School District (NASD) we know today.

    Today, approximately 8,500 students attend the District in grades K-12 and a total of over 1,000 employees work together every day to create the best possible learning opportunities for those students. 

    In the last 75 years, North Allegheny School District has navigated rapid growth, won championships and awards, celebrated arts and cultures, and become one of the northern region’s largest employers. And we are just getting started! During the 2023-2024 school year, we will celebrate our past while looking forward to our future as we prepare all NASD students for success in a changing world. 

Year Event
1860 The first school in McCandless Township was a log cabin built on land owned by the Peebles family.
1910 Ingomar School was built on the site where it is currently situated.
1916 A one-room school was built in Bradford Woods.
1928 Espe School was built.
1936 A six-room, brick school was built in Franklin Township.
1945 McCandless bought the Cole Farm (150 acres) for $30,000. (Today, this is the NA Cumberland Campus, where three schools, the Central Administrative Offices, the Transportation & Facilities building, and the Northland Public Library are located.)
1948 Five school districts - Bradford Woods, Franklin, Marshall, McCandless, and Pine - signed a ten year agreement to operate as North Allegheny Joint Schools.
1950 Pine Township withdrew from the Joint Schools agreement.
1952 March 22 - Groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the construction of the NA Junior-Senior High School on the Cole Farm site. (This building is currently called NAI.)
1954 October 23 - Guest speaker Jonas Salk spoke at the dedication of the new Junior-Senior High School. The school had 33 rooms for grades 7-12.
1956 June - The first graduating class of nearly 160 senior received their diplomas.
1958 Ingomar Junior High School opened for grades 7-9.
1960 Ingomar Elementary was rebuilt after a devastating fire destroyed the old frame portion of the building. Twelve classrooms were included.
1969 Carson Intermediate High School for grades 9 and 10 was built on the Cole Farm site with 47 rooms.
1972 Bradford Woods Elementary was expanded to 18 rooms. Hosack Elementary was built with 18 rooms.
1974 September - NA Senior High School (NASH) was opened as a 67-room school for grades 11 and 12. The High School on the Cumberland Campus as dedicated to grades 9-10. Carson Intermediate and Ingomar Junior High became middle schools for grades 6-8.
1987 Facility acquired from Northern Area Special Purpose Schools to create McKnight Elementary School.
1991 Bradford Woods Elementary was renovated and expanded to 21 classrooms.
1992 Marshall Elementary School was built on the Shenot Farm site with 50 classrooms.
1993 Marshall Middle School was built on the Shenot Farm site with 63 classrooms.
1997 North Allegheny Intermediate High School was renovated.
1999 Franklin, Hosack, Ingomar, McKnight, and Peebles Elementary Schools were fully renovated.
2001 North Allegheny Senior High School was renovated.
2002 The Baierl Community Center was opened on the NASH campus.
2005 Carson and Ingomar Middle Schools were renovated and expanded.
2008 NASD received its 17th consecutive School Match "What Parents Want" Award. Only 16% of the nation's 15,571 public school districts have been recognized with this award for meeting the needs of families choosing schools. Newsweek and US News & World Report ranked NASH among the nation's best high schools.
2015-2016 Bradford Woods Elementary, Marshall Elementary, and Marshall Middle Schools were renovated.
2017 Phase 1 of renovations at NAI are completed.

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