The mission of the North Allegheny School District is to prepare all students for success in a changing world.


    The vision of the North Allegheny School District is to be a premier school district that inspires excellence in academics, athletics, arts, and activities for every student every day.


    We will exceed the expectations of those we serve.

    We believe:

    • All individuals can learn.
    • Learning is a life-long process that occurs inside and outside of the classroom.
    • Learning occurs best in a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment.
    • Effective teaching is both an art and a science that results in increased levels of critical thinking, achievement, and growth.
    • Embracing, valuing, and promoting diversity enriches our community and learning experiences.
    • Integrity, trust, compassion, and open communication are hallmarks of an excellent educational community.
    • Educational excellence requires effective leadership, high expectations, teamwork, and the responsible utilization of resources.
    • Collaboration among students, parents, staff, and community enriches our ownership of the educational process.



    North Allegheny’s Internal Comprehensive Planning process resulted in the development of six major Goals through which the District can realize its Mission. The Goals also provide the foundation or framework upon which the District’s Administrative Work Plan is built. Goals possess the inherent power to guide the actions of the organization. They are a broadly stated means of deploying resources and energy within the District. The Goals in the North Allegheny School District include:

    • Goal #1 Academic Achievement - We will promote the achievement of all students at the highest level of their individual abilities in all areas.
    • Goal #2 Safe and Supportive Schools - We will provide a safe, welcoming, and well-maintained learning environment.
    • Goal #3 Stewardship - We will maximize efficiencies in all areas of the District for the continuous improvement and optimization of resources.
    • Goal #4 Curriculum and Professional Practice - We will offer high quality instruction built upon a dynamic curriculum that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and life-long learning.
    • Goal #5 Innovation - We will innovate our educational practices and become leaders in technology integration.
    • Goal #6 Community Engagement - We will foster a collaborative culture that invites and celebrates community support and participation.

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