• Title I

    WHAT is Title I?

    Title I is a federally funded program that provides funding to Hosack, McKnight, and Peebles Elementary for use in developing and delivering reading support services. Small group instruction ensures that each child can receive the help and individual attention needed for successful development of reading skills and strategies. Research-based instruction is provided by a certified reading specialist, and students' progress is evaluated formally 3 times a year in the fall, winter, and spring. Informal evaluations are ongoing.

    WHO Participates in Title I Services?

    Students in grades one & two who have been identified through testing as needing extra support with their reading skills. Also, parents of these students participate by attending parent conferences, parent meetings, and by reading with their children at home.

    WHERE are Title I services provided?

    Title I services are provided in a classroom designated as the Communication Arts Support Center. This classroom is equipped with learning materials such as leveled and decodable story books, games, manipulatives, writing materials such as white boards, and a lending library of items that students can sign out and use at home to practice their reading.

    WHEN do Title I services take place?

    Children attend classes in the Communication Arts Support Center three or four times each week for 30 minutes each time. The reading specialist coordinates this time with the classroom teachers.

    WHY do we have Title I services?

    Title I services make it possible for children and parents to receive small group and individual assistance that will promote and enhance the development of each identified child's reading skills.